LG V30 is rumored to be launched a day before IFA in September

LG has been doing some crazy stuff of late, and I’m not surprised after hearing this news. LG V30, one of LG’s premium phone is expected to be launched a day before IFA.

IFA 2017 will be held from 1-6th September in Berlin, Germany. according to ETNEWS, LG V30 will be launched a day prior to IFA.

There are also chance that they v30 the same time when Galaxy Note 8 is launched. Recently a rumor says that Note 8 would be price $1000. However, LG will have an edge over Note 8 if they manage to keep the price similar or cheaper.

Coming to the device, we already know some of its specs. LG V30 is expected to come with an OLED display. Under the hood would be Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. The phone will be dust as well as water resistant with IP68 water and dust resistant rating.

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LG V30 is rumored to be launched a day before IFA in September 1

A recent rumor also suggests that the phone would sport a bezel-less display. What’s equally interesting as the bezel-less display is the secondary screen which looks like the Touch Bar of the recent Macbook Pro.

We can know how much the secondary screen resembles the touch only after its launch.

The 3.5mm jack has not yet been sacrificed to keep the phone thin. There is a 3.5mm jack slot on the edge of the device. The device is also expected to have the audio DAC from V20.

As for the internal storage option, there will be 3 variants – 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Three options for internal storage subtly hints for more than one RAM variant for the device. However, the only news about the RAM of the device is 6GB RAM.

LG V30 dual rear camera

The phone will have a dual camera setup like most of the phones these days. There will be a 3200mAh battery in the device. Luckily, the V30 will support wireless charging this time.

The V30 will be available for pre-order with some exciting offers one-two weeks before the launch and go on sale by the end of September. There is also a rumor suggesting the device be priced at ~Rs. 45,500 for the 64GB variant, but I would suggest you not to believe it yet.

There is also a rumor that the back panel of the device will come in glass. None of the V series has a glass back. But the LG G6 comes with a glass back. It looks like they will make both the V and G series look alike just like Samsung did with the Note and S series.

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