A new Google Earth in coming on 18th April

Mark the date – 18.04.2017

On this day, Google will announce an update to its Google Earth services. Will it be a simple update? No! The company is actually sending out press invites for media for this event. They said that it will reveal the new Google Earth on that day.

iGadgetWoman isn’t the first one to get the news. This news can also be seen on The Next Web, Android Authority, etc.

If you are wondering what on Earth is Google Earth, here you go. Google Earth, formerly known as EarthViewer 3D was created by Keyhole Inc to give a virtual representation on our Earth. The first version of this software was released on June 11, 2001.

Interestingly, Keyhole was funded by CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). Keyhole was acquired by Google in 2004. As of now, it is available is 45 languages. You can download it for any platform – Windows (12.5 MB), MacOS (35 MB), Linux (24 MB), Android (8.46 MB) and iOS (27 MB).

Google Earth is very different from GMaps. Here, what you see is a combination of the images attained by satellite imagery, aerial photography and geographic information system. GMaps is just a fragment of Go’gle Earth.

It had 2 versions – normal (free) and pro (was paid but is now free). The paid version costs $399 annually. This is free now and can be used for commercial uses now.

If you have been using Google Earth for the past some years, you must have witnessed how wonderfully it has grown. If you, here is a timeline of its updates.

Over the years, many useful features have been added. The v4.2 a flight simulator was added silently. However, it could not be hidden for much longer and became available in the next version.

V4.2 also introduced Go’gle Sky which allowed the viewer to see stars and other celestial bodies. This work was not exclusively to the company. It was done in collaboration with STScI (Space Telescope Science Institute) in Baltimore.

In v4.3 Street View was integrated which provided a 360-degree panoramic street level view. It also allowed users to view things right from the ground level. It started with some cities, then spread to 40 different cities in The United States of America and is now spreading to different parts of the world too.

Google Earth

In v5.0, Go’gle Ocean feature was integrated which allowed users to watch beneath the surface of waves and ocean. Historical Imagery was another feature of this version which allowed users to traverse back in time and study an area or time. This feature requires past record of the time being visited.

The v5.0 also has a separate model for studying the planet Mars. This can be viewed and used for various analysis purpose.

The option to see real time traffic was introduced sometime in 2007. It is not exclusive now as you can see traffic in GMaps too.

Google Earth Pro was initially chargeable on a yearly basis but is now free since January 2015. Pro feature has some added software features – movie making, GIS data importer, advanced printing modules, Radius and area measurements.

If Go’gle is making such a huge event about this, I’m sure it has some amazing surprises for us. Are you excited?


A new Google Earth is coming on 18th April
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