Google Talk will be replaced by Hangouts on 26th June 2017.

Google Talk will be replaced by Hangouts on 26th June 2017.

I did not find this news on some blog. I accidentally stumbled into it while fidgeting with the chat section in my Gmail account.

I don’t usually use Hangouts cause I’m not a huge fan. So I decided to Sign out from there. Once signed out, you have a small blue message which says ‘Revert to the old chat‘.

Click on it and you can go into Google Talk (GTalk).

For those of you who don’t know what is Google Talk, here’s a small intro.

It’s an instant messaging service that lets you send voice and text messages over the net. It was initially released on 2005 i.e. roughly the same time I started using the internet.

Back then, GTalk was the coolest thing. There was also Yahoo Messenger, But eventually, we shifted to GTalk as having a Gmail ID meant we could access a bunch of other services which Google started.

In 2013, Google Talk was overshadowed by Google Hangout. Google considered Hangouts Chats and Meet will improve communication, particularly with meetings and team collaboration.

Users have still been using GTalk in spite on Hangouts. But now the company has taken the final ultimate step to maker users shift to GTalk. Now, all users will be forced to move to the new service.

The Google Talk Android app will also stop functioning.

As a compensation, ‘dense roster’ mode in Setting will give you a feel of Google Talk.

Over the years, Google has added a bunch of chatting app. These apps are Allo, Duo, Hangouts, Android Messages, etc. You can continue in either of these options.

It was also previously rumored that SMS support from Hangouts will be removed by the company. This will be done to encourage users to shift to Android Messages app.

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