Google won't update Pixel phones after Android P

The smartphone which gets the quickest (new) Android updates won’t receive updates after Android P.

One of the biggest flaws of owning an Android (as compared to iOS) is late updates. Google is on the verge of releasing Android O. Only 5% of the total Android devices are running on Android Nougat.

Pixel phones debut last year with Pixel and Pixel XL. They will be succeeded by Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Pixel succeeded the famous Nexus series.

Will this affect Google Pixel’s sales in India in the long run? Maybe.

If you have bought the phone from Google Store, you are entitled to receive the new updates within 2 weeks. But if you bought it from somewhere else, you will receive the updates a bit later.

Google won't update Pixel phones post Android P

As for the new update, Pixel devices will receive the updates for at least 2 years since its availability in Google Store. In the case of security patch update, these phone will receive them for at least 18 months or 3 years or whichever is longer.

After these time periods, Google will not guarantee any new update.

Is this just a cheap trick to push consumers to buy a Pixel device every year or every alternate year?

When Pixel debut officially, I was quite excited to get one. But the unfair pricing did make me sad. The price in India was very unreasonable and very high.

These new rules will definitely force buyers to reconsider before buying a Pixel. The stock Android lovers might stick around, but someone who wants quick updates might shift to Motorola or custom ROMs.


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Google won’t update Pixel phones after Android P
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