Xiaomi Mi 6 is officially launched today at an event held in Beijing, China.

Xiaomi Mi 6 launched in an event held at Beijing

The biggest attraction of the device is its processor. The device runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, Adreno 540 GPU and 6 GB RAM.

The second in line attraction is the fingerprint sensor. The Mi6 comes with fingerprint sensor below the glass.

The device also sports a dual rear camera as it was shown in the past leaks. The rear camera is 12MP shooter and the front camera isĀ 8MP shooter. The stereo speakers of the Mi 6 will help you relive moments shot on your dual camera. Both the cameras are capable of 4K shooting.

The device will have 2 variants with respect to storage. The cheaper variant will have 64GB storage and the costlier variant will have 128GB of internal storage.

Mi 6 comes wrapped up with 3D curved glass on 4 sides. The device is wrapped in stainless steel and high gloss outline. The manufacturers have taken special care to make the phone waterproof. If you are expecting a bezel-less phone, you will be disappointed. But, the gorgeous look of the device would make up for that.

Xiaomi Mi 6 front and back panel

Xiaomi Mi 6 comes with a 5.15-inch display. The screen resolution of the device is not yet known.

The gorgeous Mi6 will be available in Blue and Silver colors.

Is Xiaomi Mi 6 the new Honor 8?

I see many people mocking Xiaomi Mi 6 of being a clone of Honor 8. Here is a picture of Honor 8 for your convenience.

Is Xiaomi Mi 6 the new Honor 8
Is Xiaomi Mi 6 the new Honor 8?

I wouldn’t disagree completely on that. But there are other things too!

Users across the globe mostly prefer touchscreen phones over qwerty keypad phones. This leaves the manufacturers very less option to make their stand out in terms of performance.

The only option left with the manufacturers is to make the phone be as amazing as ever on the inside.

Likewise, Xiaomi has put the world’s best processor for Android in the device. Until now, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ were the only devices running on Snapdragon 835 chipset. Xiaomi has been quite brave to include this chipset in their phone.

Besides, the phone will also have 6GB RAM to help to multitask smoothly.

Another major highlight is the fingerprint sensor which has been placed under the glass on the front panel of the phone.

Price of Xiaomi Mi 6

The phone has been officially launched. The pricing has also been revealed. Mi 6 will be priced at CYN 2499 or $360 or ~Rs. 24,000 for 64GB variant. For the 128GB variant, the device will be priced at CYN 2899 or $420 or ~Rs.27,000.

A special ceramic back panel variant of internal storage 128GB will also be available. It will be priced at CYN 2999 or $435 or ~Rs. 28,000.

Note: There is no official word on the price of the device in India. I have just converted the prices to INR.

As it’s evident, Xiaomi Mi 6 is competing with Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus with its specs. The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus has just launched in India at a price of Rs. 57,900 and Rs. 64,900. Mi 6 is priced (slightly more) one-third to that price.

If you want to experience the on-screen capacitive buttons and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, Mi 6 should be your obvious choice. If you look at the device as a whole, the all over features offered are pretty decent. The only drawback is the absence of USB port.

I would love to read your views on this topic in the comments below.

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Is Xiaomi Mi 6 the new Honor 8?
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