OnePlus 5 leaked with vertical dual rear camera

I mentioned in an earlier post that OnePlus’ upcoming phone’s model number and the name has been confirmed. This leak was enough to hint that in the following days (weeks) I’m going to bombard you with OP5 posts.

The latest OnePlus 5 leak tells that the phone will sport dual rear camera.

This leak is not from an official source. But, this leak is from people who have seen the handset and have possibly worked on the same. Another great thing about the leak is the color of the device. Besides OnePlus 3T (Midnight Black), none of the devices has black color.

I have read many ‘expected’ features post of OnePlus 5, but none of them had dual rear camera element. Looks like some of the other expected specs are up for a toss.

From the image, you can see that there is no fingerprint sensor in the back panel. This points to the fact that the location of the fingerprint sensor hasn’t changed in the upcoming device.

Surprisingly, there are no antenna bands on the upper edge of the device.

Other leaked specs of OP5 are 5.5-inch QHD screen with AMOLED display, Snapdragon 835, 6GB RAM, 64GB / 128GB internal storage and 3,000mAh battery. Besides having a dual rear camera setup, it’s also expected to have a 16MP front camera just like OP3.

There will also be a special variant that will come with 8GB RAM and 128GB / 256GB internal storage.

OnePlus 5 leaked image shows Dual Rear CameraThe pricing of the device is not yet revealed but it will not be cheaper than Rs. 29999. Carl Pie, the co-founder of the company has said that company wants to give its consumers the best phone. We have seen a sharp increase in the price of OP 3 and 3T handsets. I won’t be shocked if the higher variant is priced at Rs. 40000.

If you are reading about this phone for the first time and wondering where is OnePlus 4, let me tell you a small story.

The latest phone from the company was OnePlus 3T. Everyone was expecting OnePlus 4. But as it turns out, Chinese people are afraid of the number 4. Hence, this Chinese company decided to skip naming the device as the 4th model.

On the other hand, naming the device as 5th would help you know that this is the 5th device in the premium phones of the company.

Are you saving up for OnePlus 5?

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OnePlus 5 leaked image shows Dual Rear Camera
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