Xiaomi's Mi Headphones Comfort launched in India at Rs. 2,999

Xiaomi India’s Managing Director (Manu Kumar Jain) tweeted an interesting piece of information on his Twitter account.It’s about a new pair of headphones from Xiaomi.

Here is the tweet.


These headphones are available exclusively in India. You can head over to Xiaomi India’s site and find it in Audio section. Or, you can simply click here. You can buy the headphones today at 12PM.

Mi Headphones Comfort comes in white color only. It has a very minimalistic design. The cable comes out from one of the soft PU ear cups. A single chord helps manage the device very easily.

The PU earcups look very pretty on the outside. They also prevent the music from escaping the ears and outside noise to interfere with the music. A high-quality damping material helps to maintain help to reduce sound distortion and improve sharpness and clarity.

Mi Headphones Comfort makes your life simple

The left ear cup makes your life quite simpler. You can answer phone calls, Play/Pause music, go to the previous track and go to next track by tapping the ear cup couple of times.

The cable is 1.4 m long. This cable is non-toxic, durable, dirt-resistant, heat resistant and tangle free. This will help to maintain the beauty of the headphone even after a long time.

Mi Headphones Comfort headphones is made togo through 700 reliability tests

The power rating of the headphone is 50mW and 107dB. The frequency range of the device is 20-40,000 Hz.

These over-ear headphones have been made to go through 700 reliability tests. They have fared well in all the tests. This guarantees that the headphones will be the correct value for money.

Mi Headphones Comfort is priced at Rs. 2,999 only. As you can see in the picture, this is an over-ear headphone. It weighs 220 grams. It has 3.5 mm jack so that you can use it in phones, laptops, desktops and music players.

Xiaomi’s Mi Headphones Comfort launched in India at Rs. 2,999
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