Android O users will be able to pause and resume update

Android O will let users pause and resume system updates.

Even Play Store has it, why not Android?

This feature is not a rumored spec as it has been seen in Android O’s second Developer Preview. Here is a screenshot of the same.

Android O users will be able to pause and resume updates

If you don’t know what is Developer Preview, here is something for you. Google started releasing the Developer Preview which is the beta version of the actual software.

These preview versions ensure that there are no glitches in the software once it’s rolled. Even a minor glitch would be a tough nut to crack as it had to be sent to so many devices.

Android 7 Nougat had 5 preview versions. Many users who have used these versions have claimed that the 5th preview version was exactly like the actual Nougat which was rolled out.

An engineer at Google clarified that this feature was not restricted to large files, but will also be available for small files as well.

He said, “The situation of being stuck in a whole loop of re-downloading the same portion again and again every night shouldn’t ever have been the case. An interrupted download should have been picked up from where they left”.

He has also confirmed that this feature on Android O is glitch free.

Another feature that has been recently confirmed is the Home Screen of Android O are shortcuts which use adaptive icons. If you didn’t get what this statement meant, you can have a look at the screenshot to get a better idea.

Home Screen shortcuts of Android O which use adaptive icons


In the meantime, why don’t you go ahead and comment your device in the comments and together we will find out when you get to experience this amazing update.

Hey, did you guess what does O stand for in the upcoming version of Android O? I’m quite sure it’s Oreo. What do you think?

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Android O users will be able to pause and resume updates
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