Apple's Clips app is the new iMovies for the new generation

iMovies was a very simple tool that was there on my iPhone and Mac that helped me edit videos. But iMovies is more of a classy kind of editor. Today, Apple launched Clips. Clips is quite like similar to iMovies. The difference is, you can create more fun videos with added graphics and texts.

Clips is for the new generation. This generation wants everything with a single touch. Everything has to be simple and fast. For instance, you can edit a pre-recorded video or image in this app. Add filter, text or even add a soundtrack or animated backdrops.

Clips also allow users to take photo or record videos from the app. Then you can edit it by adding a soundtrack, backdrops, texts, etc. To give your videos a fun touch, you can add bubbles or emojis like you can do in the other apps.

There is another great advantage of the app according to me. You can punch multiple videos and make a simple video. You can very easily avoid the tedious task of stitching up the videos. Then you can add your own edit to the video later on as mentioned above.

Apple Clips Live Tiles

But the Live Tiles feature is what that gets the spotlight. Live Tiles is a speech-to-text transcription. This lets you say words and see them get converted to text. You can animate the text, add emojis or add special signs to it. This feature, although as interesting as it sounds. It’s quite confusing and needs to be worked up on.

Apple Clips

Clips create content in a square format. These contents can to add to the bottom of the screen to form a timeline sort of a thing. Each video clip can be as long as 30 minutes. Also, if you have HD videos in store. Then you can edit them and share them in HD as well.

Some people think that Clips is the answer to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Some don’t. Clips do have the timeline and video editing features with some funky features. But it’s far away from being something like the above-mentioned apps.

Clips is free to download. Head over to App stores to download it.

Now, the tough part. Even though Clips is free, but it is compatible with devices running on iOS 10.3 only. As of now, there are a bunch of devices which run this iOS. They are – iPhone 5S and above, iPad 2017, all iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad mini 2 and above.

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