How to hide games in Play Store from kids

I’m not very addicted to playing mobile/computer games. I find it really boring and prefer games that exhaust you mentally completely. No wonder, year of basketball plays off!

As it is, kids these days love playing games on phones.

I have some kids around me who are smart enough to download games from the Play Store to the phone if they don’t find any. I really don’t like people sticking to my phones so much. So I started looking for an app that would restrict this havoc.

I came across this amazing app called Apps : Play Store without Games. As the name suggests, this app hides games in Play Store.

How does Apps : Play Store without Games work?

This app does not fidget with the Google Play Store. The app has the exact same interface as Google Play Store. It just removes all the games and shows all the other apps in the Play Store. However, you just have to trick the kid to open this app as Play Store instead of the original one.

If should also be kept in mind, the sole purpose of the post is not to keep kids off my (your) phone in specific. It is also a request to make sure that kids are not glued to phone screens all day. It is bad for their eyesight as well as their health. As we grow up, our physical activity reduces automatically. It’s very important that kids get the most physical activity in their early years.

Here are some disturbing facts about child health that will force you to download this app to hide games in Play Store:

  • Child obesity leads to Type 2 Diabetes, heart problems, joint problems, asthma, etc.
  • Kids are also exposed to higher rates of heart strokes if they are lazy.
  • Playing outside lets your child enjoy some natural sunshine which is better than Vitamin C supplements.

There are many more such facts out there in the net. I hope my post have struck the right cord with you. Hope you will take the necessary steps to hide games in Play Store for your kids and make them play games that are better for his physical and mental well-being.

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