Xiaomi's MIUI 9 will have split screen and picture-in-picture features

MIUI 9 is expected to be seen in Q3 or Q4, i.e. 2nd half of this year.

Xiaomi was supposed to release this update last year. But, it did not happen and Xiaomi users received MIUI 8.2 (stable ) update almost a month back.

Xiaomi used Weibo as a platform to release the news of MIUI 9 coming in 2nd half of this year.

There has been no official word neither on the date of release or the features. But from leaked screenshots, we can make out some features.

These two features have been leaked cause Xiaomi has accidently sent a mail to developers and Anzhuo (a Chinese website) has managed to get hold of them.

These two features are Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and split screen feature.

Android O Developer Preview had Picture-in-Picture feature. This feature has only been enjoyed by Android TVs running on Android Nougat, but it will come to our smartphones with Android O. This feature allows to bring overlay and multi-display support when using cast screen or an alternate display.

Another minor feature to be included is screen recorder. There are numerous apps at the Google Play Store which will help you record your screen. But having this feature will help save space as well as RAM.

Additionally, the new MIUI 9 is also expected to be smoother, faster and more powerful as compared to the previous versions.

A poll held on MIUI forum revealed that almost 80% users wanted split screen feature in their phones.

Split screen feature lets you use 2 apps simultaneously on the screen. It has been present in Android phones on a couple of phones. Later, Google rolled out this feature in Android versions. I don’t remember the exact version where it went live.

Split screen will be present in MIUI 9. On a good note, there is another rumor which says that company is working on bringing this feature to smartphones that run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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Xiaomi’s MIUI 9 will have split screen and picture-in-picture features
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