Signal Private Messenger App on the desktop

Signal Private Messenger App is a private message sending app that is available for Android, iOS and Windows.

This app is an open source software. Signal Private Messenger App is developed by Open Whisper System.

This app has been recommended to me by friends as the best app for exchanging messages. I dug up the internet and found some amazing facts about the app. I’ll share it with you in this article.

Signal Private Messenger App Review

Setting up Signal Private Messenger App

Setting up Signal Private Messenger App

After downloading the app, you have to register with your mobile number. There is no way of enjoying any feature of the app without registering.

Once registered, you have to go through the following phases. They are – Connecting>>*Waiting for SMS verification>> Generating keys >> Registering with server.

*Verification can be done via SMS or on call.

Note: You can set Signal Private Messenger App as you default messenger app as well.

Once, this app is set up, you can start sending messages to other contacts who have Signal Private  Messenger App installed on their devices.  In order to access the contacts who use this app, simply click on the pen sign on the right bottom corner of the screen.

Besides sending messages, you can also send MMS and media. You can also create a group like in any other messaging app.

Some interesting aspect of Settings of Signal app, I’ll discuss them one-by-one here.

  1. You can import the messages from the default messenger app.
  2. You can also switch On/Off the notification sound while viewing an active conversation.
  3. You can also choose whether you want repeated alert.
  4. You can lock message and the app with a pass phrase
  5. The app is available in many languages

What makes Signal Messenger App the best and most secured app?

Signal Private Messenger App Review

  1. Friendly server
    The server of this app does not save your chats nor the names of the person you are chatting with. The maximum thing that Signal records are last time you were connected to the server.
    Signal also does not save your contact list on their server. It uses a cryptographic hash function to deform the number before sending it to the server.
    The server responds with the numbers matching the query and shows them in your app.
  2. No Sign In/Sign Up
    You have to register yourself at Signal with your current active phone number only. Besides, none of you other information is accessed. Thus you can be assured that Signal is not using your Facebook, Google or email ID.

  3. Secure groupsIf you have a bunch of people working on a project, Signal app can still be of great use to you. It allows you to make groups. Leaving aside the group messages, the Signal server does not even access the group icon or name.
  4. Open source benefits
    Signal Messenger App being an open source allows anyone to look at the codes and personally ensure that their messages can’t be accessed by a third party.
  5. End-to-end encryption
    End-to-end encryption is not a new term if you are a tech savvy person. End to end encryption is also used to WhatsApp and Allo, who use a secure messaging protocol which is developed by Open Whisper System.If you’re not, end-to-end encryption refers to encryption on the sender as well as receiver side. This encryption puts the message into an envelope and it’s hard to access the contents of the message.
  6. Calling
    Calling via Signal Messenger App
    Who doesn’t love freebies?
    In Signal, not only can you send messages to you. But you can make calls to any corner of the globe for no expense!

Drawbacks of the app

  1. No backup
    Since the app does not store your chats, if these messages are lost, there is no way it can be recovered.
  2. Low user count
    As compared to WhatsApp, Signal has only 1 to 5 million users. Whereas, WhatsApp have a user count of 1 billion. You will have a hard time convincing friends and family to shift to this new app.

Signal Private Messenger App for Desktop

signal private messenger app on desktop

For the desktop version, it is like an extended version of your phone. Just like WhatsApp Web.

All you have to do is add the Chrome apps in your Chrome browser. Once added, you have to set it up. The setup is pretty simple. You have to link your phone to the desktop by scanning the barcode.

How is Signal better from WhatsApp and Allo who use the same message securing protocol?

WhatsApp and Allo as comapred to Signal Private Messenger App

First, we will talk about WhatsApp. Ever since WhatsApp have implemented the protocol, WhatsApp can’t hand over the messages to any government agency who asks for the messages.

However, WhatsApp server can see who is sending a message to whom and when. But, it can’t see the contents of the message as it’s encrypted with a key which even WhatsApp doesn’t possess.

But, WhatsApp spokesperson has said that the company will collect any information which it is legally compelled to do. You can very well guess how efficient the end-to-end encryption is in WhatsApp and how much your messages are secure.

Another important point that goes unnoticed is, an end to end encryption is for your messages as long as they are on your phone. What happens when you back up the same message over Wi-Fi? Think about it.

Let’s see how Google’s messaging app (Allo) works. By default, all the data sent and received in Allo are accessible and visible to Google. Switching on the Incognito Mode can help you secure your data to some extent.

Google Assistant accesses all your chats so that it can give you better suggestion when you are looking for some information online. Do you really want it?

Signal Private Messenger App for Android

Signal can work smoothly on any version of Android 2.3 and above. The app occupies ~ 40MB in my Android phone.

The app uses Calendar, Camera, Contacts, Microphone, Phone, SMS and Storage.

That was a review of the Signal Private Messenger App.

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Signal Private Messenger App Review
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