Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX was brought to us via Galaxy Unpacked 2017. The event was supposed to be about Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ phone launches.

Although most of the features were leaked by Samsung, everyone was still looking forward to the event because they knew Samsung had some new and unexpected elements lined up for us.

According to Samsung, Samsung Dex is a new productivity tool that lets you power a desktop experience right from your phone!

I know it went over your head, so I’ll explain it in simpler words.

DeX is the short form of the desktop. Hence, Samsung desktop.

Have you ever felt that your phone is your best word buddy but the size of the device does not help you work easily?

However, buying huge phones for such purposes isn’t a solution. It is quite hard to move around with such a huge device.

Samsung DeX launch

For such cases, Samsung DeX comes to the rescue. In other words, Samsung DeX helps you connect your phone (Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+) to a desktop. This will help you carry out your work on a bigger screen.

Before I discuss the utilities of Samsung Dex, let me first tell you how it looks. It is a very small cup-shaped device in which you place your phone.

Samsung DeX looks

The DeX is as light as 230 grams. It comes with a built-in cooling fan so that you can go long hours of work. The DeX is connected to the actual desktop with the help of a wired medium or Bluetooth. The various other ports on the DeX are – Ethernet, HDMI port, USB 2.0 and USB Type C. Besides, your phone can be charged parallel when in DeX.

These ports can be used to connect the Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+ to your display, wired keyboard and mouse.

You must also note that the UI in which you will be working on the desktop is Android. This means you can still receive phone calls, send text messages, change the phone settings, etc.

Samsung DeX lets you run apps parallely

While working on a smartphone, you can run two apps parallel (with the help of multi-window).  Meanwhile, on Samsung DeX, you can use as many apps as your screen can accommodate. In addition to that, you can resize the size of your apps to accommodate even more apps on the screen.

You won’t get the exact replica of your phone on the desktop. However, Samsung has quite successfully customized the desktop version. The lower left corner of the screen are all the apps. From here you can access all the apps on your device. On the lower right corner is the notification bar.

As of now, Samsung Dex supports only Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galax S8+. The HDMI and charging cables are sold separately, just like the DeX.

I hope my article has helped you understand what is Samsung Dex and how powerful it is. I would be happy to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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