WhatsApp for Android will soon receive a new call interface and MORE

WhatsApp for Android might soon get a new calling interface and some more desirable features.

WhatsApp is an amazing instant messaging, calling and media exchange app. It has evolved wonderfully over the past couple of years. The developers have worked well in keeping the features top notch and providing a regular update.

WhatsApp Messenger App is available for Android, iOS and Windows phone. But this update feature is specifically for Android users. iOS and Windows phone users might also get the update eventually.

WhatsApp for Android will soon receive a new call interface

A couple of days back, WhatsApp rolled out a better version of live location sharing feature of WhatsApp. The new calling UI update brings very cleaners and neater look for both videos as well audio calls.

Another very talked about feature is ‘pinning the chat’ option. In this feature, you can pin the chat head of 3 people. Se pinned chats will always rank 1st, 2nd and 3rd in your WhatsApp chat list whether there is a message or not.

As of now, you can pin only 3 chats. However, it’s expected to pin more than 3 chats when the feature rolls put officially. However, the ‘Pin Chat’ feature was enabled automatically for the WhatsChrome version.

Apart from the above-mentioned updates, a couple of more features were noticed by the people of WABetaInfo. One of the features was a video to GIF converter while recording video within the app.

The other features were some hidden reference in WhatsApp Web about iPad and iPod compatibility. This shows that WhatsApp Web work on iPads just as it runs on WhatsChrome.

There have been some issues with WhatsApp for Android 2.17.167 beta where users can’t unpin chats and the app becomes unstable. Hence, it’s advised that you don’t sign up for the beta version as the app becomes unstable after some releases.

In other news, WhatsApp will now let you report garbage present on Goa beaches. Yes, you read it right.

Someone from the Tourism Department of Goa has said that the initiative will be rolled out soon. He said, “The general public can inform via WhatsApp location where waste is strewn or piled up and the designated contractor will take corrective measures within 24hours and report to the Department of Tourism”.

You can soon complain for waste accumulation via WhatsApp in Goa

A meeting was held to discuss this issue, especially because this Union Territory depends mostly on tourism as their source of income. A dedicated WhatsApp number will be allotted for the reporting. The number will go live soon!

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WhatsApp for Android will soon receive a new call interface and MORE
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