Foldable smartphones

Foldable smartphones is not a new concept. It’s old. It’s very old. It’s as old as a decade old. My friends in school showed off a foldable smartphone. That was the most dope thing back then.

Since Android stepped into the game in 2008, everything is changed since then. HTC Dream was the first commercial phone that operated on Android OS.

Human love change! Since Android started evolving, a variety of new phones came into the market. These phones shadowed the foldable smartphones. There were slider phones with almost resembled like a mini computer in our palms. They were easier and more efficient to use as compared to the conventional foldable smartphones.

In the meantime, touchscreen phones evolved. Touchscreen phones were made by all the mobile OS giants – Blackberry, Android, Apple. When engineers realized the potential of these phones, they channeled all their energy in making them better. Today, we have phones that operate on the duration on touch (in nao-seconds) to pressure exerted during the touch.

Humans also love going back to roots. Due to this, engineers decided to go back to foldable smartphones. There have been leaks (on and off) about some mobile manufacturer working on foldable smartphones for over a year now. But there has been no official news on this.

Back in school days, the companies that made the coolest foldable smartphones were LG and Motorola. (Let me know if other companies did the same or not). Unfortunately, none of the news leaks have shown their names. Samsung has had a big share of the news leaks so far.

Ever since the Edge series, Samsung has been hinting about foldable smartphones. You much have got the catch, didn’t you? They have been leaking patent applications and rumors that push the fact of foldable smartphones. But who knows the truth behind all these.

Samsung foldable smartphone

In 2014, Samsung released an ad that showed a phone with OLED Display. It was a Tab-cum-Phone. But sadly, that was a concept video so we can’t fully believe that we will see the exact same model in the market. On the optimistic hand, we might not only see foldable smartphones but also foldable tablets.

What excited me the most in the ad was the part of the screen which was fold. In the older foldable phone, the screen ended way above the hinge. And the hinge was made up of the outer skin of the phone. If the final commercial product would actually be what it shows, it would be quite a milestone.

According to a new trademark filed by Samsung, the foldable smartphone was supposed to hit the markets this year at Mobile world Congress. The device would be named Samsung Galaxy X. But that did not happen. Samsung may not have wanted to make such a huge release before the new Galaxy S8 series as it would hamper the phone’s sales. There is speculation going amongst people that the same might be launched at the end of this year.

Kim Tae-woong, the principal engineer at Samsung have recently said that foldable smartphones would be available for the mass in the year 2019. That is 2 years from now. But a technology like this will need quite some time to be designed and developed and released to achieve milestones.

If Samsung is successful in making a foldable screen, they can start selling them off later. That wouldn’t be the first Samsung product that would be sold in the market. Samsung already sells display and Exynos chipsets. The Snapdragon 835 chipset which is used in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ is also developed by Samsung.

I’m very excited about foldable smartphones. It looks like it will be a big deal when Samsung releases it. If you have any other news leaks related to foldable smartphones, let me know in the comments below.

When to expect Foldable Smartphones
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