How about a full screen Xiaomi phone under Rs. 10000

Xiaomi Mi Mix is one phone that set the market on fire. It eventually let other companies take up this screen feature for the sake of their customers.

There were 2 flaws with Mi Mix -price and availability. Very few Indians could actually lay their hands on this device.

There have been rumors of another bezel-less phone apart from Mi Mix 2. This device will be priced at CNY 1000 or ~Rs. 10000. Iff only it reaches India!

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These rumors are only about the display of the phone. Nothing is known about the specs of the device yet. Another important information is, the device will be unveiled soon.

Xiaomi phone has been quite an eye candy every since Redmi 1S came to the picture. These phones are cheap, comes with good specs, having huge batteries and are as light as feather.

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But there are drawbacks of having such a cheap and affordable device. Firstly, there have been complaints of these devices heating up. And secondly, the camera is not up to the mark for some devices.

If Xiaomi is planning to go global with this device, it would quite a big blow to other devices on this price range.

The device would have three variants. The higher end one would come with 6GB RAM. This would be priced at $180 or ~Rs. 11500. This piece of information has been confirmed by Xiaomi.

Nothing much can be said regarding this device. We have to wait for the official launch of some official word from Xiaomi. However, there would be rumors and I will keep you posted about it.

In the meantime, share your views in the comments below on grabbing a bezel-less phone for as cheap as Rs. 10000.

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