Know why Google might remove your app from Play Store

Google is truly one company that is dedicated to providing the best for their customer. The Google search engine is what help me take my baby steps into the internet. As days passed by, Google’s users kept on increasing. They also increased the number of services they offer.

The year 2008 saw Android, and our mobile phones changed forever. Every year, in 4th quarter, Google launches a new version of Android. The latest one is Android Nougat. The Google phones i.e. Nexus series and Pixels series receive the update very soon. The updates are becoming more equipped to ensure the best user experience as well as security for the users.

Another wonderful thing about Android is it being open source. Since it is open sourced, mobile app developers are more inclined to make Android apps as compared to iOS apps. Before we tell you why Google might remove your app from the Play Store, let us revise another important fact about Android yearly updates.

Until Android 5.x.x Lollipop, while downloading any app from Play Store, there was only one message about all the phone features that the app would be accessing. However, we could not alter that once allowed. From Android 6.0 Marshmallow and later, once we download the app we can also change the settings later on.

Coming to the reason why Google might remove your app from Play Store. Have a look at this screenshot.

Any app that requires user data has to provide a valid reason why it needs the data. In order to add the reason/s, the developer has to put a link on the app’s page in Play Store where the reasons are listed. However, if you don’t want to do so, then you can stop accessing the users’ information.

The deadline for the same has been set as 15th March. Failing to do so, a strict action might be taken again your app (which might include deletion from Play Store). Make sure you take the necessary action if your app is out there!

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