OnePlus 5T tipped to release in Q4

If all the rumors are correct, we might see the OnePlus 5 this month. But this post isn’t about that phone. It’s about another handset that is expected to hit the market by Q4 or the end of this year.

Nonetheless, we can’t be less happy about it. The leak about OnePlus 5T is done by a Chinese tipster (@mmddj_china). According to this user, the phone is expected to be launched in either Q3 or Q4.

The leak also says that the back panel will sort a glass back panel. OnePlus isn’t the first device to come with glass back, but it will be a new thing to look forward to. OP 2 has a sandstone black back, OP 3/3T has normal back and OnePlus 5T would be having glass back.

But that’s the only thing we know so far. As for the more exciting news in hand, OP5’s retail box just got leaked. It’s expected to sport a dual rear camera of 16MP + 16MP.

The latest teaser about OnePlus 5 suggests that it will have a smaller size than OnePlus 3T. Is that good? Ofcourse it is. I love phones which are sized 5-inch or below. This size is enough for messaging, using various apps or even playing games. It’s good to see that the companies are keeping the phones and tablets separate.

The following tweet was done via OnePlus’ official Twitter account.

It shows an image of the upcoming OnePlus 5 (Clue: See caption). The absence of fingerprint sensor on back panel suggests the presence of one in the front. It rules out the case of the bezel-less display. However, there are still chances of seeing something similar to the Infinite display on either side just like Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+.

Coming to the other specs of the device, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 is definitely there. In addition to that, there will be different RAM sizes. In which, 6GB RAM is the minimum.

Unfortunately, there will be a price hike. But I’m guessing the base OnePlus 5 will start around Rs. 35000 cause OnePlus 3T was discontinued some days back.

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