Pinecone is Home grown chipset of Xiaomi

Xiaomi cannot abstain itself from the news. It is always in the news for all the good reasons like a new phone teaser or launch or specs leak or Hugo Barra quitting. But this news about Xiaomi is different from the usual ones. Xiaomi is about to launch its own chipset this month i.e. Pinecone.

If you don’t know what are the chipset, that you can read our previous post. There we have discussed in-depth about chipsets, what are they and the different chipsets found in Android phones. There can be a couple of reason which the common man can guess for such a decision. One reason can be too much inspiration from Samsung. As you must be aware that Samsung uses their homegrown Exynos chipset in their premium series i.e. Samsung Galaxy Series.

Snapdragon chipsets (for instance) are considered to be the best ever chipset in the market. Primarily, the reason is SoC. SoC stands for System on Chip. When processing units like Graphic Processing Unit, Wi-Fi systems, etc are already placed in the chip, it is easier to communicate with them due to similar architecture and the speed of the device increases.

Besides, there might be another reason. Most of the recent times Snapdragon chipsets are enabled to support fast charging. However, not every phone that uses them has that feature. What’s the broken link? As far as my knowledge is concerned, Snapdragon separately charges for every device which wants to use the fast charging feature.

If Xiaomi uses its own processor, then it can give all these features to their users at a comparatively lesser pricing. This would make us (the users) happy as well as cut production costs in the long run.

This chipset would be called Pinecone, a subsidiary of the company. The first device to have this processor is Xiaomi 5c (Meri). But Xiaomi 5c has not hit the markets yet. We don’t really know if Pinecone will make its debut in Xiaomi 5c or any other phone as of now.

If you refer to the above image, you can see it is one of the previously leaked images. As per the image, the specs of a phone Meri are an octa-core processor, 3GB RAM and Android 6.0 out-of-the-box. However, the leaked prototypes of Pinecone is more or less similar to Xiaomi 5c.

We would suggest you take all this news with a pinch of salt as there has been no official word from Xiaomi till now.

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