Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has Technical Issues in Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung has announced the date of launch of the upcoming device from the Note series i.e. Galaxy Note 8. The date is 26th August.

The date has been decided to give the launch of refurbished Note 7 enough time to sink into the market yet give Note 8 enough time for mass production before Apple launches its new devices.

Besides the device from catching fire, there has been other concern with Galaxy Note 8 as well. The desire to make an on-screen fingerprint sensor comes with a price for Samsung.

None of the other manufacturers have been cent-percent successful in implementing this idea. Some have implemented it to an extent.

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The leaked images of the Note 8 does not show the presence of the fingerprint sensor on the back panel. It evident that the sensor would be on the front panel. On the other hand, there is some issue with the on-screen fingerprint sensor.

The fingerprint sensor is tampering with the on screen brightness. That’s why Samsung can’t start mass production of Note 8. But if they want to launch the device on 26th August, this issue needs to be resolved.

Will they drop the fingerprint sensor altogether? Let’s see what happens.

A lot has been going on with Samsung lately. The refurbished Galaxy Note 7 is up for a relaunch after a lot of operations and modifications. The relaunch will happen on 7th July. Keeping the red tint issue in mind, Samsung is using a new technology for AMOLED screens.

Other news suggests that the screen size of the Note 8 would be 6.3-inch i.e. even bigger than the gigantic Galaxy S8+. This means that this Note phone would be quite huge because it will come with bezels.

Would you still buy the Note 8 even if it’s so huge in size?

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