Samsung Galaxy S9 will use a new screen technology codenamed 'Sunflower'

The heat from Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have not yet gone away but we are already getting rumors about the next gen. So Samsung!

According to a rumor, Samsung Galaxy S9 will be using a new screen technology codenamed ‘Sunflower’. The rumor originated in China.

If this rumor is at all true, Samsung has been very clever to tackle the red tint issue with S8 and S8+ first in the next generation of the S-series.

Note 7

Owing to the Note 7 ‘issues’, users were mainly focussed on the battery of S8/S8+. But another visible issue took everyone by surprise. Their screen turned reddish.

This is what one of the S8 users said at an online community,”After I read that there are many reddish panels, I checked mine. I was also unlucky. Should I change it?”.

Samsung confirmed that the device does not have any display issue but it can be merely adjusted via Settings. Samsung was not really true about it. It was because of color balance issue which the company might have overlooked in the rush of production.

Samsung released an OTA update for the color issue. They also allowed users to exchange their handsets for a brand new Galaxy S8/S8+.

This was the only major issue with the handset. There were also a bunch of other reported issue. Luckily none of them were harmful.

Issues Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus wont be seen in Samsung Galaxy S9

Here is a list of the issues that were found on surveying online forums:

  • Reboot issues: The phone reboots (restarts) without asking it to do so. It’s not an issue if the phone is idle. But if you are in the middle of a work or an important download, you tend to loose your temper.
  • Boot loop issues: What’s worse than a reboot? A reboot on a loop.
  • Bluetooth issue: Besides being the audio comparatively lower than other phones, the phone has also been reported to shut down when trying to connect to a Bluetooth speaker.
  • Fingerprint sensor: I’m not really shocked about this one cause I have seen many other phones facing issues with fingerprint sensors.
  • SMS Notifications: Users have complained that they don’t get notified on receiving an SMS.

I know it’s practically impossible to make a device with zero issues, but the lesser issues the better!

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