Samsung's Flip phone SM-G1650 spotted at TENAA and WiFi Alliance

Flip phones (foldable smartphones) have been in the talk for a good time now. Samsung flip phones in specific. The company had released a video where the screen extended over the edges. What an awesome piece of tech it was!

The phone that has been sighted at TENAA is different from the phone in the concept video. This phone is like the usual flip phones that were in the market before Android hit the market.

Samsung’s Flip phone (SM-G1650) has been seen at TENAA and WiFi Alliance. Besides, another flip phone from Samsung has been spotted at FCC besides TENAA and WiFi Alliance. This phone has model number SM-G9298.

The listing at WiFi Alliance shows the device running on Android 6.1 Marshmallow. There are separate dedicated buttons for Home, Recent and Back. There are also dedicated buttons for camera, message, chat and clipboard. Too much?

The back panel of the device has a rear camera, Flash and loudspeaker. Not the best place for a loudspeaker according to me, but I’m expecting these speakers to be exceptionally high!

But the hottest news about Samsung is, Samsung’s refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is all set to be launched on 7th of July. A lot has been done to make the phone non-explosive. Tell me, would you give this device a try?

We are also expecting the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 sometime this year. Would you purchase Note 8 if you are looking for a note? Let us know in the comments below.

In other news, LG has unexpectedly revealed the date for it’s upcoming LG G7 phone. The date has been shifted to make the phone launch just before the Samsung Galaxy S9. Keeping in mind the performance of phones like LG G6 and LG V20, it will be interesting to see how things turn up for Samsung.

Here are the photos of the leaked phone.

Samsung Flip phone SM-G1650 1 Samsung Flip phone SM-G1650 2 Samsung Flip phone SM-G1650 3 Samsung Flip phone SM-G1650 4 Samsung Flip phone SM-G1650 5

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