Samsung's Gear VR will have pixel density of 2000PPI

OLED display is all over the screens we watch, whether it’s TVs or mobile phones. It’s time they take over VR as well.

OLED displays have a wonderful technology which can display more shades of a color and is much thinner than LCD screens. Since VR is slowly creeping in, putting up OLED screens on VR can enhance the viewing to a higher extent.

According to a recent report, Samsung is developing a new Gear VR. This Gear VR will have an OLED screen. This means you can enjoy OLED level visuals even on devices that have a different display.

The same report also suggests that the Gear VR will have a pixel density of 2000PPI. If it’s true, then the VR’s pixel density would be much higher than any other VR present in the market now.

For instance, if we compare Gear VR to Oculus Rift. We can see that the latter has 460PPI i.e. almost one-fifth of what the Gear VR would come with.

That’s all we know about the VR. There is no news about its launch. Samsung has many things on its plate right now. To start with, LG announced the early arrival of LG G7. Although it won’t affect Samsung

Although it won’t affect Samsung to a considerable extent but every customer matter. Also, the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to be launched on 7th July. A lot has been invested in the device to relaunch.

There has been also news of company’s flip phones being sighted at various benchmark sites. Yesterday, the official date for the launch of Galaxy Note 8 was made public. The device would be launched on 26th August. The high-end Galaxy Tab S3 was launched in India yesterday.

The device might be launched alongside the Galaxy S9 next year. What do you think about it?

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Samsung’s Gear VR will have pixel density of 2000PPI
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