Siri v/s Google Assistant - Which one is better?

Siri is the personal assistant from Apple whereas Google Assistant is the personal assistant from Google.

Siri has been around for some time. Google Assistant is a new product is making quick an impression very quickly.

I’ll list down the behavior of both the devices here so that you can choose the right assistant for you.

Siri v/s Google Assistant – Which one is better?

Siri vs Google Assistant

  1. Startup Time

Siri starts after 1.8 seconds while Google Assistant takes 1.6 seconds to start.

  1. Response Time

    Google Assistant responds in 2.7 seconds and Siri responds in 2.5 seconds.

  2. Memory

    Siri vs Google Assistant memory
    Google Assistant has a better memory than Siri. If you tell her to remember something like your favorite ice-cream or your favorite color, you will remember it. But the latter does not remember it when asked later.

  3. App Integration

    Siri has an upper hand in apps integration. For example, if you tell her to send a tweet, it will. Whereas Google Assistant will just tell you how to send a tweet.

  4. Calculations
    Siri vs Google Assistant calculation

    When given a simple mathematical equation such as a+b-c, both Siri and Google Assistant reply together at the same time. It’s a win-win for both.

  5. Open app

    Both the assistants perform well in this section. It’s a win-win for both of them.

  6. Conversations

    It’s fun to have a conversation with a software and still not feel like one. If you ask Go’gle Assistant to tell a joke, it will. It’s quite friendly. But Siri isn’t.

  7. Timer
    Siri vs Google Assistant Timer

    When you tell them to start a timer, Siri is just a split second ahead. Ignorable? Maybe.

  8. Knowing stuffs

If you are searching something and your assistant doesn’t know about it, then they Google it. You never know which one knows what.

  1. Referring to searches

    If you just searched about Emma Watson and then ask, “What’s her sun sign?” Google Assistant gets it. But unfortunately, Siri doesn’t.

  2. To the point

    To questions like weather or a tournament winner, Google Assistant gives a very specific answer. But Siri will tell you everything known related to it.


Siri and Google Assistant work pretty well. There are some minor difference in both the assistants. In a country like India, majority sticks to Android because Apple isn’t affordable.

However, the biggest advantage of Google Assistant is that it get used to your habits. After a while, you will enjoy using it more than Siri.

What’s your view?

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Siri v/s Google Assistant – Which one is better?
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