User engagement in Google Play Store is of prime importance now

We all know how Google has always been our favorite since we took our baby steps into the internet. However, Google is pretty adamant in being the user’s favorite search engine no matter what. Go’gle keeps on releasing different updates to enhance the user experience very much. Sadly, that affects a lot of bloggers across the globe.

But our focus will not be in that area. We will be discussing how Go’gle is bettering their services in the Android front. Until some time back, Google focused on different versions of Android. As the versions are getting better in terms of occupying minimal disk space, more secure, more features, easy UI and many more features to make it easy for any noob user.

Till now, there was hardly any focus on Google Play store. But now Go’gle has realized that platform and apps go hand in hand and unless both are at par with each other, users won’t experience the elite experience which they wants them to!

New Features at Google Play Store for Developers

During Annual Developers Day at Game Developers Conference, there 3 topics were discussed.

  • Promoting high-quality experiences based on engagements, not just installs

    User engagement in apps at Google Play Store is of prime importance now
    I used to work on a simple logic. The more the downloads, the better the app. But according to my recent findings, there are apps which despite having much lesser downloads, are quite good. I have started around playing with many apps since I learned a bit of Android development. Go’gle deciding to promote apps (at Google Play Store) based on engagement is a great idea as it will help bring out the best apps who are made by small companies or solo developers who don’t have finances to get huge installs.

  • Offer sales and increases purchases on premium games through strike-through pricing

    Strike through price in Google Play Store
    Often, some apps (as well as premium games) aren’t affordable even when we are willing to shell out some pennies for it. Strike through prices are a wonderful technique to grab the attention of the audience. Being a crazy gadget lover, I am very tempted to buy gadgets on discount. For example, I bought my power bank at 20% rebate. It caught my attention because of the strike-through price. This feature would help developers carry out some experiments with their app as well as benefit their customers at Google Play Store.

  • More curation of high-quality games through editorial pages

    Editors Choice in Google Play Store
    Do you know what are the editorial pages? These are a special section where the editors of Google Play Store rank apps by actually trying them out. You can find all sorts of apps like utility apps, games, high definition games, paid apps etc. These apps are undoubtedly the best one from the sea of apps available at the Google Play Store. As the low budgeted developer, the best section of the Editor’s section is it is free. All you have to concentrate on is making an app that a user enjoys.

That being said, it’s evident that quality of your app would not be an underdog anymore. If it’s good, even with very less number of users, it will have an option to stand out. Happy app making developers!

Hey reader, you must be wondering what all this is about. Android is now focusing on Google Play Store so that user experience is top notch. In order to do so, the above-mentioned three points are the steps taken up by Go’gle.

This will ensure that the apps which are very good to use are not lost in the crowd and successfully reaches your phone. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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