Another Chinese smartphone maker announces entry in India

Indian market is already flooded with Chinese handset and handset makers. Another Chinese company has announced its entry into the Indian market. The name of the company is Voot Mobiles.

India, being a massive consumer of smartphones is quite a lucrative land for handset makers. Voot Mobiles have decided to cover the entire country in a very planned way. They will start with multi city launches in the first go.

The company made a statement which said,” Voto is targeting more than 400 distributors in first three months alone. With such aggressive expansion plan, the company has a growth prognosis of more than Rs. 3000 million revenue target in first three months. Voto has a robust sales strategy in place to achieve its aggressive numbers.”

Sayantan Dey, Business Head Overseas of Voto Mobile said, “Our vision is to revolutionize the Indian smartphone market with our affordable, simple yet feature rich smart devices. Xunrui’s more than a decade’s experience catering to the needs of Global mobile brands will help Voto establish itself as a favorite brand for the Indian audience.”

Subhash Agarwal, Director New Market Development & Huang Hai Yan, Director of International Business Voto Mobile said, “India is in a sweet spot in regards to long term economic growth economic growth prospects. With right policies and reform, the consumer durable market in the field of technology is poised for robust growth. This is the right time to enter the Indian market and we foresee huge growth opportunities going forward. In a similar case, Chinese original device maker (ODM) Topwise Communication is also set to foray in India on August 18 with the launch of its own brand Comio. Topwise Communication is also planning to invest Rs. 500 crore over the next two years to mark its presence in the country.”

I smell competition. Even so, it will take some time to overpower the already present brands. What do you say?

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