LG V30 got it's Bluetooth Certification

As the date for LG V30‘s official announcement is coming close, more features are getting revealed about the device. The device will be unveiled on 31st August. The latest news being, it getting certified by Bluetooth SIG.

As per the listing, the LG V30 will have Bluetooth 4.2 instead of the latest Bluetooth 5. That shouldn’t be a huge blow to the device (company) as there aren’t as many Bluetooth 5 devices in the market.


The upcoming LG V30 will not have a secondary display like LG V20. That makes LG V20 the only device to sport it. As of now, there is no official source who will back up the news as true or false.

The secondary display is like a strip of the screen that’s placed along the upper edge of the display. The main functionality of the display it to act as a shortcut for apps or customize it with some text.

It’s not a necessity, but if I were to buy the phone, I would look forward to having it.

Personally, I think there are chances of the display disappearing because they were planning to launch the device earlier than the scheduled launch at IFA in September.

But that’s what I think. It might not be the case. Rather, there are also chances than the device come with the secondary display when it’s launched.

LG V30 will come with wireless charging

Unibody designs are quite famous amidst smartphones as it makes the phone compact as well as reduce the thickness of the device. Who doesn’t love a sleek device?

LG V30 will come with unibody

Additionally, there are also rumors which suggest that the LG V30 will come with wireless charging.

But I’m quite pumped up about the device. Especially after I came to know that the LG V30 will come with a bezel-less display. Bezel-less displays, as not user-friendly as it is, still happens to be quite an eye candy for me.

LG V30 will come with a bezel-less display. It’s not unusual for phones to come with bezel-less displays, but it is always wonderful to know an upcoming premium smartphone getting added to that category.

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