LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Lite Android app in India

LinkedIn (if you aren’t familiar) is a social networking site. It is not the usual site where you connect with your friends and family. Rather, it’s a social networking site for employer and employee.

LinkedIn Lite is developed by LinkedIn’s R&D team at Bangalore. Akshay Kothari, LinkedIn’s Country Manager in India said, “Besides providing a fast, data-light solution for professionals in slow network areas, we hope the LinkedIn Lite app will democratize access to economic opportunity.”

Akshay Kothari LinkedIn's Country Manager in India speaks about LinkedIn Lite

He also said,”Regardless of their device or location, we hope to level the playing field for all LinkedIn members so they can get closer to their dream jobs, grow their networks and become more successful.”

People often use LinkedIn for connecting to clients, employing freelancers or look up for jobs of any sort. It was initially a website. Eventually, the Android app was developed. Now, there is a lite version of the app as well.

Let me explain the Lite version of any app to you. Apps usually start off by occupying just a handful of storage (MB) in your device. As you use it, it gradually eats up even more storage. Previously, there was a difference in the amount of work you can get done in an app i.e. some features of the website were restricted to the site only.

But now, apps are at par with all the website. On the other hand, the size of the apps has increased massively. To curb down this, Lite version of apps have been launched into the market by the parent company itself. These Lite versions will help you get the basic job done and occupy very little space. Besides, these Lite versions also function quite well in slow network areas as well.

The app has been developed by the Indian team, hence will roll out in this country first. The Lite app as we as the mobile web version will be rolled to over 60 countries soon.

LinkedIn Lite would run smoothly on the low-speed internet (2G network) as well as low-end smartphones. The LinkedIn Lite is only 1MB and uses only 20% data as compared to the conventional app. You can download the app from Google Play Store or wait till it’s launched in your country.

Since LinkedIn isn’t a very common app, I would love to know if you use it (and for what) or not.

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