Majority Indians use mobile phones while riding 2-wheeler

Does it sound dangerous? Yes.

Do you see people doing it? Yes.

Then why??

A survey conducted by Samsung reveals that 60 percent of Indians who use two wheelers use their mobile phones while riding. These questions and stats have baffled me for quite some time.

This survey was conducted across 12 cities in India. It also revealed that one-third car drivers also send a text message while driving if they consider it important.

Samsung made a video which is a part of Safe India campaign to spread awareness about the use of mobile phones while riding their bikes for calling, taking selfies, etc. As heartbreaking as the 30-second video is, it is true completely.

The video is about a young man who is riding his bike. While riding he has taken out his phone and is clicking a selfie to send to his family. Unfortunately, he meets with an accident while doing so.

Here is the video. You can have a look at it

The Safe India campaign was recently launched by Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways and Shipping. He said, “Irresponsible usage of mobile phones, including the new trend of taking selfies on the road is becoming one of the major causes of road accidents today. We want to bring down the annual road accident fatality of 1.5lakh, which is the highest in the world, by 50 percent.”

He also said, “For this, we are already working on a multi-pronged strategy but need a lot of support from industry to be successful. We are glad that corporates such as Samsung are playing their part in this campaign due to an irresponsible use of mobile phones.”

If you also use your mobile while driving 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler or any other vehicle, please avoid using it. If your near and dear one does it, make sure you stop them from doing so.

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Majority Indians use mobile phones while riding 2-wheeler
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