Meizu confirmed of a secondary display in Meizu Pro 7

Meizu announced the arrival of Meizu Pro 7 on July 26th in Zhuhai, China. It is speculated that Meizu Pro 7 Plus will also be launched alongside this device.

According to Meizu’s latest post on Weibo, the device will come with a secondary display on the back panel. Meizu has been careful about the spilling of Meizu Pro 7 features in the market. All leaks are merely rumors and do not come with any solid proof. However, Meizu chooses to reveal this one feature.

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This secondary screen can be used to check notification like calls, messages as well as play some small games.

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Where many people are arguing about the functionality and effectiveness of a secondary screen, I have other doubts. Having a screen on the back will make way for a lot of scratches on it. Besides, how much would the device be user-friendly if the user wants to use the primary screen?

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But of course, there is also a chance of the screen not being on point as many companies are trying to get it right and very few have been successful. I have seen the secondary screen on LG V20 and it is very small and situated on the top side of the primary screen. It is a thin rectangular screen and can do only a handful of work.

Adding a secondary screen would obviously add to the overall price of the device. It would be interesting to see what else Meizu has in to offer with this phone. If it is a flagship phone, then Meizu better pump up their game as we have very great phone at a cheaper price.


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