Microsoft's new keyboard comes with a fingerprint scanner

Microsoft launched a new keyboard and it’s named Modern Keyword. As modern as it is, the keyboard comes with a hidden fingerprint sensor. This desktop is apt for users who don’t have a biometric lock for their desktops.

The fingerprint sensor gives users multiple ways to log into their devices. For this, there is a Microsoft tool named Windows Hello which lets the users log in via facial, iris or fingerprint impression.

The fingerprint sensor has been placed in such a way that the typing is not hampered. It is placed between the Alt and Ctrl keys respectively. Interestingly, the keyboard is chargeable and it can run up to 4 months on one full charge.

Interestingly, the keyboard is chargeable and it can run up to 4 months on one full charge. It has two AAA rechargeable batteries. The device weighs ~400gm.

As light as it is, it does look quite classy!

Windows Central said, “The Modern Keyboard is now available via Microsoft Store in the US, Canada and China.”

*The cost of Modern Keyboard in $129.99.

The Modern Keyboard is on par with Microsoft’s Windows 10 input devices. These devices are next gen devices. The keyboard has Chiclet style keys and aluminum frame that’s heavy and virtually indestructible.

In terms of connection with the desktop, it can either be wired or used through Bluetooth. The Bluetooth version should be 4 and above. It will be compatible with devices running on Windows 8 (8 and 8.1), Windows 10, Windows 10 Phone, Android (4.4.2 – 5.0), MacOS (10.10.5, 10.11.1, 10.11.4) and iOS (1 – 9.2.1).

Besides the keyboard, a Modern Mouse was also launched alongside with it. The mouse uses Bluetooth 4.0. It is priced at $49.99. The mouse looks quite different from the traditional mouse and you can consider an upgrade.

However, there is no news of these devices coming to India.

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Microsoft’s new keyboard comes with a fingerprint scanner
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