Nokia Edge Concept Video

Nokia is making a crazy comeback this year. They have already launched a bunch of phones worldwide including Nokia 3310, Nokia 3, Nokia 6, etc. These were the budget phones, there is also a premium phone (Nokia 9) that will be launched sometime this year.


The thing about concept video is, they can be completely fake, partially fake or completely true. As much as we want it to be true, watch the video with a pinch of salt.

The following is the video of a concept video of Nokia Edge. The device is rumored to be launched soon.

Highlights of Nokia Edge Concept Video

  • Fingerprint sensor

    The fingerprint sensor would be embedded into the screen without a hint of it externally. Not just Nokia, many other companies are trying to get this technology right.
    The first device with this technology would have been Samsung Galaxy Note 8. But there has been some technical issues with the same and they dropped the plan. The fingerprint sensor has been shifted to the back panel just like S8 and S8 Plus. The prototype has been leaked in some places.

  • Carl Zeiss Lens

    Carl Zeiss Lens is a big thing, for Nokia as well as smartphones in general. They were a thing even before Sony sensors ruled the market. The Carl Zeiss Lens in Nokia Edge is 16MP with f/1.7 aperture.

  • Display

    Nokia Edge is expected to come with an edge display where the screen extends over to both the edges. There would also be no capacitive Android buttons on the front panel due to the screen.
    The front panel will have the screen all over it except the top portion where a thin strip is left for the front camera and sensors.

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