Sony to launch Flagship Phone before IFA in September

Sony is launching a flagship phone just before IFA in September. One of the devices that I was really looking forward to is LG V30. The latest rumor about LG V30 reveals that it will be launched just before IFA.

Sony (out of nowhere) is rumored to be launching a flagship phone just before IFA in September. Not much is known about the device yet, not even the name. The phone launch is sort of confirmed because Sony will be hosting a press event on 31st August.

The interesting thing about the device is 18:9 aspect ratio. With this aspect ratio, the phone will be a bezel-less device. Besides Samsung and Sony, there is no other bezel-less display maker in the market. The time is just about right for Sony to make a comeback.

This phone will not be a continuation of any of the previous series. This will be an altogether a new series. The premium phones of Sony are the Xperia C and Xperia C Compact. Sony did away with M and C series to work on X series.

The latest Sony XZ Premium phone has been quite a success and managed to grab some eyeballs. Besides, there is also Xperia XZ1 which is a budget phone.

It will be really great to see this Sony flagship device compete with LG V30. No to forget, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is also expected to come during that same time.

We already have a rough idea of Note 8 pricing (~$1000). It will be interesting to see how LG V30 and this new rumored Sony phone compete in pricing.

LG V20 was a great device but Samsung has an amazing brand value when it comes to premium phones. If Sony manages to grab the attention of the buyers, it would be quite a moment for them as well as LG and Samsung.

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