Games are an important part of our Android phones.

From simple running games to high definition action games, Android has all. Also, all of these games are free.

Here is a list of Top 10 Android Non-stop Running Games.

Top 10 Android Non-stop Running Games

  • Subway Surfers
  • Temple Run 2
  • Zombies, Run!
  • Sonic Dash
  • Agent Dash
  • Super Mario Run
  • Lara Croft: Relic Run
  • Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
  • Jetpack Joyride
  • Despicable Me: Minion Rush
  1. Subway Surfers

Top 10 Android Non-stop Running Games - Subway Surfers
When there was a sudden boom in smartphone and everyone around me owned one, I used to think Subway Surfer was a part of the OS. Everyone seemed to have it on their phones and everyone played it.

It was thing sometime back. The game is about a small kid who is being chased by a policeman for spray painting on the walls of a subway.

What started off as a very simple game is now so much more. The developers keep adding new seasons and cities and characters and what now. It’s a very light game and very addictive.

There are lots of small things which make the games interesting like daily challenges. It’s a very simple and wonderful non-stop running game. You can play the game offline but the scores wouldn’t be updated on the servers.

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The concept of Temple Run is somewhat similar to Subway surfer. This game is based in mountains as contradicting to Subway surfer. However, in Temple Run, the guy runs from a monster after stealing something from the temple.

There is always a huge war between the players of both the games claiming their game to be better.

The game is quite interesting. It has several tweaks which make it very different. But here also you have non-stop running. Meanwhile, you can collect coins, collect gems, jump over stream and kinds of stuff.

This game can be played from low-end to high-end games. You can play the game offline but the scores wouldn’t be updated on the servers. This game is motion sensor game.

Top 10 Android Non-stop Running Games - Zombies, run!
This is the age of zombies – from TV shows to games. The UI of the game is almost similar to that of the real world. You will have real fun while playing the game. The audio effects of the game are also top notch to give you real fun. There are various story missions to spice up the run.

There is a really cool feature which lets you add custom playlist while running. It gives running a personal touch. The game gives your instruction constantly on how to go ahead.

The app works on any Android v4.0 or above. It constantly uses GPS and comes with a huge size of ~200 MB. The app size usually increases gradually. Make sure you have enough space on your phone. If you have the same, you must give this game a try.

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Top 10 Android Non-stop Running Games - Sonic Dash
Sonic is a hedgehog that’s running. The character is a cute one. You have to run on a strip of land on water. You are supposed to run and collect mostly rings and other stuff. When you bump into an obstacle, you lose rings.

It would have been really amazing if the game was a motion sensor. But it’s not. But you can still have a good time playing it. It’s quite a fast game as compared to the other games.

Sonic Dash can be played on any Android 4.0.3 and above. The game has 1 to 5 billion installs at the Play store.

Top 10 Android Non-stop Running Games - Agent Dash
It will feel great to play it in a high spec device. The game has a lot of new character and outfits. The game is played in full HD resolution. The game is very dramatic and does not support motion sensor.

You can collect jetpacks, magnets and even slow down time. You can also collect some cool gadgets to fight off your enemy.

In this game, there is a nice story of the runner being a spy for the Queen and country.

Agent Dash is a very high graphics game. Your phone might heat up or start behaving abnormally when played on a lower spec device.

This app works on Android 4.0.3 and has an average rating of 4.4. This game is quite an interesting game and is of a comparatively smaller size.

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Top 10 Android Non-stop Running Games - Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run is no new game. You have played and re-played this game in game parlors in your childhood. It’s the story of a guy saving his princess. You are supposed to run, jump, duck and leap the obstacles to save your princess. Make sure you don’t bump into the obstacles on fall into the pit. Then you die.

The game has very good graphics and you will enjoy playing it. During the run, you start off as a tiny Mario. But during the course of the game Mario eat stuff and becomes bigger. It will help him to jump over the abyss easily. If you have never played Mario in phone or earlier, do play it. The instructions are very simple and it can be a nice time pass. This is an online game.

Top 10 Android Non-stop Running Games - Lara Croft Relic Run
Lara Croft: Relic Run is based on Lara Croft. This is an online game. You need to have the latest version of Google Play Games to play this game. In this non-stop running game you have to run, jump, slide to collect coins, diamonds and life. Once you clear a level, you can show your score off on Facebook directly from the app. It can be played on any Android having v3.0 and above.

The Relic Run is based on three locations – Jungle Temple, Desert and Mountain Pass.  Once you clear the jungle level, then you reach the Desert. Once desert is complete, then you can play in Mountain Pass. Just like in the movies, Lara Croft uses a lot of weapons. You are supposed to do the same here. The only difference is that you have to earn the weapon by non-stop running. If you are a real Lara Croft fan, then you will really enjoy playing the game as the character looks like the real one to a lot extent.

Top 10 Android Non-stop Running Games - Maze Runner The Scorch Trials
In Scorch Trials, you have to run from the enemy who is after you in a helicopter. While you run, you can collect coins, loots and many more things. The game is placed in a desert and very fewer roads. The city is under attack and you have to run and reach your camp safely.

There is a special endless run mode which can be achieved after completing 10 stages. The latest version allows you to get a new character as well as the new outfit.

You can play the game offline but your scores will not update the servers. Scorch Trial can be played on any tablet or phone running Android 4.0.3 or above.

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I found this game in Editor’s Choice section. The game has 1 to 5 billion downloads and has an average rating of 4.4. It will run on phones and tablets having Android 4.0.3 and above. The game does not have any ads.

The game is very confusing in the beginning but later turns out to be good.  The character can ride dragons, motorcycles, bird, etc. The character can dress up in different outfits. He can also earn many cool high tech gadgets and vehicles.

Every level comes with a bunch of tasks that has to be accomplished. There is only one word for the game, addictive!

Everyone loves Minion. This game is about Minions running for their life. In the meanwhile they pick up bananas. This game has over 1 billion installs at the Google Play Store and an average rating of 4.4 as well. This is an online game.

This running game has many beautiful features to keep you hooked to them like constumes, locations etc. This game is party motion sensor and mostly not. If it was motion sensor online, it would have been real fun. Since it’s mostly not, the game can be played very easily by a 10 year old kid. The environment of the game is within a factory where the Minion runs by collecting bananas and life.

That was my list of Top 10 Android Non-stop Running Games. What’s yours?

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