USB 3.2 announced with insanely high transfer speed!

USB Type C is the new USB port which comes with reversible connector. You can connect it to your phone via any side and not worry about damaging it.

Although USB 3 is quite old, not many phones come with this piece of technology. Most of the budget phones are still sticking to USB 2.0.

Besides easy usability, USB 3 comes with super high data transfer speeds. As compared to the prior version, USB 3.1 came with 10GB per socond data transfer speed. Whereas, USB 3.2 comes with 20GB per second data transfer speed.

USB 3.2 will use multi-lane operation i.e. it will use more lanes at a given time to transfer double data.

However, it does not mean the internet speed of USB 3.2 mobile is 20GB per second. It means that when you connect a USB 3.2 pendrive/device with another similar device, the content of the device will be transferred at this speed.

In order to experience this lightening speed, one must have 2 devices with the same port.

Since this technology has been released recently, we won’t be seeing it in any of the devices until the year end or atleast 2018. Still there would be a handful of devices which would support this tech. LG G7 and Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus would be the early devices of next. But I still don’t think they will come with this piece of tech. What do you say?

However, there are very limited devices in the market which support this technology. A similar thing happened wth Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Both the devices have same version of Bluetooth i.e. Bluetooth 5.0. Hence you could not use this tech to its full potential.

I don’t see any point upgrading to USB 3.2. Do you? Tell me in the comments below.

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