A CCTV Surveillance app is developed by Andhra Pradesh Police

Surveillance is very important. However, the overall equipment of surveillance is not cheap. It prevents many of us from using it. However, Andhra Pradesh Police has come up with a cheap alternative.

SP P.H.D. Ramakrishna announced an Android App for surveillance. This app is known as Locked House Monitoring System (LHMS) AP Police app. The app is free for residents of Nellore town as of now. They can avail this service by registering for it.

Once registered, the police would install a temporary modem and a wireless motion recording camera. The app is exclusive to Android at Google Play Store. However, there is no news of the app being available for App store.

For registering in LHMS, you have to register with your name and residential address. A unique ID will be generated which will show successful registration.

If there is any motion in the area under surveillance, a notification would be sent to the users as well as police control room.

If you are in Nellore area and want to get this surveillance system installed in your homes or properties, you have to contact the designated police officials of the respective police station limits.

Coming to LHMS AP Police app, it takes up only ~4.1MB storage on your phone. It comes with a very simple interface with 2 buttons – Register and Request Police Watch. If you want to register yourself, you have to provide all the new

If you want to register yourself, you have to provide all the information they have asked (including latitude and longitude). There is hardly any chance of any of us to know our location to that precision. Simply click on ‘GET MY CURRENT LOCATION’ and turn the Location On.

In order to Request Police Watch, fill out the Police Watch Form. Firstly you have to enter your unique User ID and then the following – Start Date, Start Time, End Date, End Time.

The only supposedly drawback of the whole this is, Police can directly look into your homes. Not everyone would be comfortable with that idea. Make sure you are well aware of what you are signing up for.

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Featured Image: Android Authority
News: The Hindu

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