Android 8 will let you download when storage is full

Android Oatmeal Cookie or Android Orea? We still don’t know. But what we do know is, the next Android version would allow you update OS even when the storage.

Let’s address the Android version of Android 8. According to a report by Android, they have coded the upcoming Android 8 in such a way that users won’t have problem downloading it even with insufficient storage.

Not always do users have storage space for upgrading from present Android version to the next. This flexibility will allow users to upgrade easily and eliminate the need to change device simply to get updates.

A/B system updates (also known as seamless updates) is what is coming to rescue. Since users don’t have enough storage /data to download the update, A/B update will have the option of streaming (writing) the update directly into the B partition while they are downloaded.

A/B system update will affect – Interactions with the bootloader, partition selection, the build process and OTA update package generation.

A/B system update uses a background program (update_engine) and two sets of partition. These partitions are called slot A and slot B. The system runs on slot A, which is untampered which the slot B is utilized to download the OTA.

In a nutshell, the user has to have only 100KiB storage to download metadata. On the bright side, the device won’t be useless while the update is downloading during Over-The-Air (OTA) update.

However, if there is some error during OTA update, the user can very easily go back to the previous version without the help of a pro. The only time when the device would be completely useless would be during rebooting the device.

With every version of Android, it is just getting better and better. The betterment is in all fields such as storage, size, performance, battery optimization, etc. Are you excited about Android 8? Tell me in comments below.

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