Apple might be working on a wearable AR device

Apple has (quite efficiently) mastered iPhones, iPods and Macs. They are now stepping into the wearable industry. As of now, Apple is reportedly working on a couple of wearables which will be in the Augmented Reality segment.

The device that they are working on a is a pair of glasses which comes with 3D camera. It looks like they will give a competition to the already existing Google Glasses.

Apple Augmented Reality wearable glass

According to Wikipedia, Google Glass is an optical head-mounted display designed in the shape of a pair of eyeglasses. It was developed by Google X with the mission of producing a ubiquitous computer. Google Glass displayed information in a smartphone like hands-free format. Wearers communicated with the Internet via natural language voice commands.

There is no need to get hyper about this news as the same sort of news has surfaced in 2016 as well. Back then it was rumored that the device would be wirelessly connected to iPhones via Bluetooth connection and have a display.

Robert Scoble has suggested that Apple could partner with Carl Zeiss to launch this device by the end of this year. If you are wondering where have you heard about Carl Zeiss, then you must have heard rumors about it being used in Nokia 9.

As for now, Apple is struggling with iPhone 8 and iOS 11. Apple has to also make software that will support Augmented Reality so that it copes with the hardware. When Apple’s ARKit goes public, iOS devices would be the largest AR platforms in the world. With iPhone 8 coming out soon, the platform would keep on increasing in numbers and it would be quite some time before Android catches up.

But, there is very less chance of the device coming in 2017. What do you think?

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  1. Well first of all app has released it’s Apple watches which is also a wearable and as of now Apple will not tinker with AR based gadgets according to there reports but yes it might go after some time but now they have a more than enough patents to deal with.


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