BSNL will install 1lakh Wi-Fi Hotspot in India in 2019

BSNL is already setting up public Wi-Fi in the various railway stations and other public places for some time now. With this pace, they will set up almost 1lakh Wi-Fi hotspots across India by 2019.

Anupam Sharma, BSNL Chairman and MD said,” We will set up 1lakh Wi-Fi hotspots where we have CapEx, revenue sharing, and USO model. On our own model, we will have enough 70,000 hotspots, 25,000 hotspots will come through USO Fund and 5000 will be through revenue sharing model by 2019. BSNL will invest about Rs. 18,000 crore to set up 70,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots and USOF is providing a fund of Rs. 900 crore, alongside three years of operation and maintenance for setting up 25,000 hotspots.”

He also said,”We will set up another 5,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots on revenue share basis and BSNL is not required to invest capital. We are only providing bandwidth.”

BSNL has also partnered with Master India to launch GST Suvidha Provider Services.

Nishank Goyal, CEO of Master India said,”We are delighted to partner with BSNL, India’s most reputed telecom service provider. Masters India has invested diligent efforts in developing proficient GST solutions to ease the teething pains in becoming GST complaint. Our collaboration with BSNL has taken place as an attempt to present an economical solution to smallest of business across India.”

He also said,” The new solution can be availed in three categories – Basic Plan (free of cost up to 2,000 invoices), Plus Plan (Rs. 1,999 comes with 6,000 invoices alongside other benefits) and Pro Plan (for enterprise). Beyond 2,000 invoices, there is a charge to be shared between BSNL and service providers like Master India. That will be offered to those who wish to join hands with BSNL.”

I always use BSNL Wi-Fi Hotspot when I’m at the station cause the speed is quite good. What about you?

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BSNL will install 1lakh Wi-Fi Hotspot in India in 2019
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