This hotel will provide guests with smartphone during their stay

It often happens that we go out holidaying or for work to another place but our cell phone network doesn’t. As frustrating as it is, it becomes a hindrance for us to enjoy our trip.

Berjaya Hotels and Resorts (BHR) have come up with a unique solution for their guests. They have decided to provide them with an Android smartphone which can be temporarily used as your primary device.

This smartphone is named Handy and will come quite handy for you. As mentioned earlier, the device will run on Android OS. The device will have a local SIM card in the device as well. You need not get any recharge done. They will come recharged with a plan to make unlimited local calls, browse the Internet with unlimited data and download your favorite apps from the net.

Another added advantage of the device is the ability to make free international calls to hotel’s top five countries.

The device will also be customized to enjoy the hotel services and get information about the nearby tourist spots such as places to visit, places to eat, etc.

In other words, the device would be a virtual assistant for you. For example, you are out and lost or need an assistance, you can simply call the Hotel’s help desk (which is fed into the phone’s speed dial).

Berjaya Hotels and Resorts (BHR) also claims to be the first chain of hotels to provide the smartphone service to its guests. They said,”Every year we have close to one million in-house guests from 14 hotels across seven countries and this can be an inconvenience to many. With Handy, our guests do not have to buy a local SIM card to stay connected with their families and friends abroad.”

Hanley Chew, BHR Chief Executive Officer said,”This service is in line with our mission to provide the best service and experience to our in-house guests: Handy will add to their convenience and help them save cost.”

The first hotel among the BHR chain of hotel to start offering this service is Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur. However, they also claim to spread it to 13 more hotels by the end of the month.

They also say that the phone will be factory reset before giving in the hands of the next guest. But you can do it on your own, can’t you?

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Featured Image: Kenwood Travel
News: The Star

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  1. This is a great idea that I think more hotels should follow suite with. My fiance and I are both on the Freedom telecommunications network. They provide great service for the price and offer unlimited data, however they don’t have wide coverage especially outside of Canada and roaming charges can get expensive while travelling. Something like this is a great solution!


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