These leaked images of iPhone 8 proves the presence of wireless charging

iPhone 8 is quite a talked about device. Firstly because the device is one of the premium devices from Apple and also because it’s supposed to come with the under-glass fingerprint sensor.

Recently, images of the alleged iPhone 8 have surfaced via Weibo. Weibo is a Chinese social media platform. The leaked images are internal parts of iPhone 8 which show the presence of wireless charging.

The image was clicked by a Foxconn employee while the device was going through *Engineering Validation Test (EVT) phase of testing the initial prototype. The phone is codenamed as Ferrari.

*According to Wikipedia, Engineering Validation Test (EVT) is performed on first engineering prototypes to ensure that the basic unit performs to design goals and specifications. This phase includes a bunch of tests such as Functional test, power measurement, signal quality test, conformance test, etc.

In above image, you can see a red box which is magnified and showed with the red arrow. It represents a black spot. That’s the wireless charging coil which will allow the iPhone 8 to charge wirelessly.

iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus does not have wireless charging. However, the other competitors have already started using this feature in their premium flagship devices. Wireless charging was a rumored feature of iPhone 8, but now the leaked image gives us the necessary evidence to prove it.

Robert Hwang, CEO of Wistron Corporation was talking about the assembly of iPhones. Mr. CEO has dropped a couple of hints about wireless charging which further strengthens the rumor. Wistron Corporation is the manufacturer of iPhone SE in India.

Unfortunately, Engineering Validation Test (EVT) is the initial testing phase of the device. Thus you can very well conclude that the device is delayed. You might see the device in the 4th quarter or at the beginning of 2018.

What do you think about wireless charging in iPhone 8? Let me know in the comments below.

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