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JioPhone was technically a free phone cause you had to deposit Rs. 1500 for 3 years for buying it and it was refundable after 3 years. However, according to recent rumors, you are entitled to receive a part of the refund if you return it before 3 years.


JioPhone was announced by Jio on Friday at their 40th Annual General Meeting. The phone is quite revolutionary not because it is free, but because it upgrades a normal 2G user to 4G user.

You only have to deposit Rs. 1500 as a security deposit (refundable after 3 years) and get the phone for free. The phone will be available for pre-booking from August 24th.

In order to make a Digital India, Reliance Jio is tieing up with domestic smartphone brands to push forward the initiative of Make in India. The brands we are talking about are Intex and Micromax.

Reliance has approached Intex and Micromax for making 4G feature phones. The company will make another announcement in the next quarter where they will make their official statement of this. Reliance is focussing on negotiations for JioPhone so that there is not much change in pricing but the quality remains the same.


As for the JioPhone, the phone is apparently free. You are entitled unlimited voice and data on a monthly basis with a recharge of Rs. 153 only.

This surely puts the other telecom operates at a huge loss. Most people are rejoicing for this unbelievable offer.

At the Annual General Meeting, Ambani said, “Today, Jio is going to reinvent the conventional feature phone. With a revolutionary device, an unmatched Indian innovation, Made in India, by young Indians, and for all Indians let me introduce India ka Intelligent smartphone – JioPhone.”

The JioPhone comes with 2.4-inch screen, 512MB RAM, 4GB memory and will bring to you most of Jio’s services. Instead of Rs. 153, if you go for Rs. 309 plan, you can also avail connectivity and transmission to cable TV.

The device will be made available from 15th August. Reliance also plans to target making 50lakh JioPhones every week.

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JioPhone users might get partly refunded if they return it before 3 years
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