Lava just announced 2 year warranty on its devices

Lava is a smartphone making Indian company just like Intex and Micromax. Lava announced a 2-year warranty on its major devices – smartphones and feature phones.

The offer will not be applicable for devices bought before 26th August. Anyone buying these Lava phones will get 2-year warranty offer.

Gaurav Nigam, Senior VP, Head of Product, Lava International said,”These are exciting times for us as we continue to gain a stronger foothold in the Indian mobile handset industry. We are presumably the first Indian mobile brand to launch 2-year warranty offer on such a wide portfolio of devices. This offer exhibits the confidence we have in the reliability of our products and focus that we put in quality control at every stage of product development.”

In general, any phone comes with one year warranty and in-box contents have a warranty of six months. One year warranty will be given to touch panels and LCDs. It’s not as useful for feature phones as it is for the smartphones.

If you have used smartphones or seen someone using it closely, you will see that the screens are prone to breaking very easily. It crushes the look and usability of the device altogether.

Lava has confirmed that the extended warranty on Lava phones is a part of Make in India campaign initiated by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Lava is also prepping its first Mobile Phone Design Centre under this initiative. It’s expected to be operational by the third quarter of 2018.

According to Wikipedia, Lava International Ltd. is an Indian mobile handset company with headquarters located in Noida in the National Capital Region. In 2009 it was founded by Hari Om Rai, Sunil Bhalla, Shailendra Nath Rai, Vishal Sehgal and Shreyas R.

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Lava just announced 2 year warranty on its devices
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