PayTM will launch a new messaging app by the end of the month

PayTM has a huge database of users of above 230 million. With this amount of users, they are finally using it to fuel up their upcoming project.

PayTM is a digital wallet which allows the user to recharge their phones, TV, set top boxes, pay bills, etc. PayTM has evolved a lot over the users. Now there is a market place which comes with some great deals and un-missable discounts and cash back all the time. You can also book movie ticket from the app now.

PayTM will come up with a new chat feature in their app. They have been working on it for quite some time under covers as it will be launched by the end of this month.

The main purpose of the chat feature would be to enable users to chat with each other more seamlessly within the app. But that’s what PayTM is saying. It will be used as a way to get more into people’s lives and understand their requirements and show them products accordingly at PayTM marketplace.

As funny as it may seem, PayTM seem to be going in the opposite direction as compared to Hike. Hike recently launched digital wallet in their app which will allow users to make payments through Unified Payment Interface (UPI).

PayTM’s board contains WhatsApp’s Business Head i.e. Neeraj Arora. I guess what’s going on in his mind now. There are rumors that the chat feature inclusion by PayTM is inspired by WeChat which is a social media and chat app developed by Tencent. They started off as a chatting app but later embedded Alibaba’s Alipay to enabled digital wallets.

So do you think WhatsApp or Telegram will loose a lot of their customers to PayTM. I’m sure they won’t. What about you?

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