Tips and Tricks to charge your phone faster

I and my phone are inseparable. The toughest time of the day for me is when I have to charge my phone (while I’m awake). You might think that I can do so when I sleep. My phone needs almost 3 hours to go from 0% to 100%. This means, my phone would be overcharged for almost 3 hours.

The phones are designed so that overcharging does not affect the phone and burns up the internal circuit. However, there are 2 reasons why I avoid it. First, I’m scared that the phone might burst. And second, wastage of electricity.

To prevent my phone from being away from me, here are some of my (secret) tips and tricks to charge them faster. Do let me know how they work out for you.

How to charge my phone faster?

  • Correct charger and plug point


    I prefer charging my phone with the charger that came along with the phone in the box. It not only helps me charge my phone faster, but I can rely on it for not harming my phone in the long run.
    Say no to USB charging(unless you are using the latest Macbook). The latest MacBook detects when you are connecting your phone and speeds up the charging process. This is a really preferable thing cause it helps me keep my phone with me even when I’m charging it.
    However, it takes up a ridiculous amount of time to charge your phone. This means your phone has to be plugged in for much longer time than charging from a usual charger. That’s quite harmful to your phone as well.

  • Switch off phone

    Switch off your phone to charge your phone fast
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    Who switches off the phone while charging? No one. Neither do I. But there are times when I’m getting ready and I have to leave within an hour. In such cases when I’m running out of time, I prefer switching my phone off for two reasons. Firstly, it helps me to charge my phone faster. Secondly (and most importantly), it prevents me from getting late further.

  • Airplane Mode

    I guess this is the only use of Airplane Mode in our phones. Or are you seriously telling me you use this feature when you are flying? Anyways, if you can put the phone in Airplane Mode then why not switch it off? You can use this feature to charge your phone faster if it takes forever to get the switch on!

  • Switch off Wi-Fi/Mobile Data

    Switching off wifi or mobile data helps me charge my phone faster
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    We all know how battery sucking can the internet or related apps are! The best way that I use to charge my phone quicker is by switching off Wi-Fi or Mobile Data. When it is assured that no battery is lost while charging, it is guaranteed it will reach 100% even faster than you can imagine.

  • Screen-out

    If you look at the battery drainage graph in your phone, you can see that the screen sucks up most of your battery juice. As shocking as that seems, I try to use it for my most benefit. I prefer keeping the screen timeout time to 15 seconds always. This not only helps me save some battery which using the phone but also helps me charge my phone faster when I put it to charge.

  • Vibrate Mode OFF

    I’m not sure if you are aware of this or not. But this feature is one of the most underrated features that aids in battery loss. I usually keep my phone in vibration during a lectures or workshops. So I try to keep it in the non-vibrate mode the rest of the day. I also try to remove vibration mode when I put it in charge.
    But I make it a point to switch that vibration mode on when I go to sleep.

  • Inbuilt battery saving

    Every Android phone comes with inbuilt battery saver options. Make use of it while charging, and not just when you are running low on charge. This feature kills all the background apps and directs the battery’s charge towards storing and not getting exhausted. Make sure you turn this feature on to charge your phone faster. Avoid using any battery saver app at any cost!

  • Charge before it reaches 0 level

When you let your phone charge fall down to 0, the phone would take quite some time to charge from 0% to 10%. It is not considered good for the health of your battery if make your phone go dead every time. However, when you get a new phone, it is advised that you drain your phone battery a couple of times. I do it once (for sure). It helps me charge my phone faster in the long run.
As far as charging is concerned I have heard varied views from many people. Do share your views on how to charge your phone to make the battery go a long way!

  • Faster charging feature

By default, every Snapdragon chipset can support fast charging. The phone manufacturing company has to pay extra to avail this feature. It would be wrong to assume that every phone that runs on Snapdragon supports fast charging. Make sure you check the official website or the e-commerce website before buying the phone. Having a phone with fast charge enabled helps charge phones much faster.

  • Avoid using the phone

    Don’t think this point is the least important one as it is the last one in the list. Besides the internet and internet based apps, there are a good number of other phone activities that drain your battery. One such example is the camera app. Other examples are high-end games and some other features (as mentioned). This is one very useful trick I use to charge my phone faster. I would suggest putting the phone in charge in a different room.

I may have bluffed in the beginning claiming these tips and tricks to be my secret tricks to charge my phone faster, but they are not. These were some of the common tricks that you might have heard or you follow. If you have any more tips and tricks, do let me know.

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5+ Tips & Tricks to Charge your Phone FASTER!
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