This company surpassed Google in Artificial Intelligence with iPhone X

With every iPhone, Apple sets new records. You must be wondering what record did Apple set with iPhone X. Well, iPhone X has helped Apple cross Google’s set level in fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

A report by Digitimes reveals that Google has been considered as the prime company to lead the development of Artificial Intelligence because of AlphaGo AI computer program. However, the stats have gone for a toss with apple’s iPhone X and iPhone 8.

According to Apple, “A neural engine is hardware that’s purpose-built for machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence that enables computers to learn from observation. It’s capacity of incredibly fast computations needed by neural networks while also being incredibly efficient.”

The much talked about Apple’s Face ID feature in iPhone X let’s one experience AI on the phone itself. I’ll explain the mechanism of Face ID in simple words. TrueDepth camera helps to make a face map of the user and the AI can help in identifying and unlocking the phone.

Google’s Tango AR is already out there in the market. Infact, they have also asked hardware brands like Lenovo to make AR smartphones. Unfortunately, the pricing has been outrageous due to the mechanism used in AI. Also, not many vendors offer this service. Hence, it has not been able to spread out well.

Google has been trying to minimize this usage gap. They launched ARCore in August. Unfortunately, it worked only with devices running on Android 7 and above. We know that the smartphone vendors delay the updates and very less phone run on the required platform.

Samsung is trying to keep holding onto it’s premium device users by ordering integration AI chips for it’s upcoming devices. Samsung sources have said that in the next 3 years or so, smartphones will have designated chips that will improve the processing of AI features by 50% from today.

Google Pixel 2 launch is just a week away. Are you having second thoughts on buying this device now? Tell us in the comments below.

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News Source: Patently Apple
Featured Image Source: Fair Observer

This company surpassed Google in Artificial Intelligence
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