New Small Home Theatre Audio System designed by Apple to deliver Optimum Surround Sound

Patently Apple discovered a new Patent at the Australia Patent Office. It was named An Australian Apple Patent Describes a Small Multi-Speaker Audio System Designed for TV Live Streaming. A few days later, another patent was uncovered with the name Apple’s invents a Rotationally Symmetric Speaker Array System Array System that can detect where the listener is in the Room.

Apple introduced HomePod Smart Speaker this year at WWDC. You can see that the dots are connected.

The US Patent & Trademark Office published another patent from Apple. It shared the same subject as Home Theatre Audio System. It’s an audio system which automates detection of people in the room and configures itself accordingly. They do the detection via audio and video sensors.

Apple TV 4K lacks Dolby HDR Atmos cause they are mainly for home theatres where speakers are on the walls as well a the ceiling. If you connect the patents filed with the absence of Dolby HDR Atmos, you can get an idea why it was missed.

If a Home Audio configures itself based on sensing where the viewers are, having a Home Theatres might not be able to compete with it at all. The system basically uses an iDevice came with a depth camera to analyze where people and objects are. The set of speakers ensure that even if people are not around the screen, they can still hear the sound.

When the iDevice captures the video of the objects in the room, the speakers will emit a series of test sounds. When the sound is emitted, a user will be asked to select around which speaker emitted the sound in the set. Once the locations are known, the device processes the information given and every speaker can get a wonderful Sound System.

Manually configuring speakers can be really tiresome. Also, if you don’t have an experienced hand, you might not be able to get the best audio setting. Something like this would be absolutely amazing.


Apple's new Smart Home Theatre

In the above image, you can see that this system comes with 2 speakers, 3 speakers or 4 speakers.

This is just a patent. Any guesses when we can lay hands-on this product?

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News Source: Patently Apple
Featured Image Source: WallPaperWeb

A one-of-a-kind Home Theatre Audio System patent filed by Apple
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