Internet users are preferring smartphones over desktop to go online

Internet users are preferring smartphones over the desktop to go online. But you already guessed it. Right?

According to the prediction of eMarketer, adults residing in United Kingdoms will start spending 1hour 59minutes on their phones. When this time span is compared with desktop, the time spent on the desktop is just a minute less. The point to be noted here is, smartphone has finally overtaken the traditional desktops.

Slowly, the margin will increase over the years. There are estimates according to which, by 2019, an average internet user will be spending 2hours 14minutes as compared to traditional desktop and laptop users who will be using only 54minutes.

The Senior Analyst of eMarketer, Bill Fisher said,”Mobile use in increasingly coming to mean smartphone use in the UK, so it’s no surprise to see the time spent forecast tilting even more in that direction. The trend within this trend is the growth in social media and video time. More than any other media on any other device, UK adults are migrating their social media and video habits to smartphone.”

eMarketer has also said that British adults spend 31 minutes a day watching a video on their smartphones. Over the years, this number will not only increase in Britain but also across the world.

As our smartphones keep getting smarter and smarter day by day, another major factor that helps us migrate towards it is light-weight. It’s much easy and apt to carry a smartphone/tablet around rather than a laptop. Moreover, we don’t need an external device to give us internet connection to run our smartphones.

However, another factor that contributes to the overall shift is the pricing. Smartphones which cost as low as Rs. 3000 (~$50) can be used to access the net. On the other hand, laptops nowadays are priced atleast Rs. 10,000 (~6$5). Thus you can see that smartphones have an edge over traditional desktops for internet surfing.

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Internet users are preferring smartphones over the desktop to go online
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