New Boxers will protect a man's sperm from Smartphone and WiFi radiation damage

Exposure to Wi-Fi and smartphone radiations have always been a concern. It has not affected our health directly, so the concern is not a priority yet.

Arthur Menard, a French man was discussing this issue with his friends at dinner. As most of you might be slightly embarrassed, it’s not something to be embarrassed/ashamed of.

In due course of time, he and his friends came up with the concept of Spartan Boxer Shorts. These are a pair of high-tech pair of pants that protects a man’s sperm from radiation.

There are many different kinds of radiation that a sperm is usually exposed to. Besides Wifi and smartphone radiation, there are also radio waves used for TVs and mobiles. These radiations damage a man’s sperm in the long run.

As mentioned earlier, there has been no direct link of low sperm count with radiation, a man’s sperms are definitely not dying. However, there are a bunch of reasons for the halfing of sperm count in men in the eastern region in the past 40 years.

Another reason for making the shorts was, men are not giving up using smartphones. Some of them use it for work-related purposes while others use it as leisure. According to Arthur Menard and Pierre-Louis Boyer (founder and co-founder),

According to Arthur Menard and Pierre-Louis Boyer (founder and co-founder), they wanted to develop something so that men and smartphone can leave peacefully together and not give up on each other.

The technology of the high-tech boxers is the same that’s used in microwave and space suits. The boxers make a mesh of conductive material so that no electromagnetic field can cross them. This way, a Faraday’s cage is created and the sperms are protected.

The manufacturers claim that these boxers can block up to 99% of the radiation around.

In fact, a lot of research has gone into making these boxers comfortable besides protective. The founders and co-founder actually went to CES wearing only shorts. The price of these Spartan boxers ranges from ~Rs. 2500 to ~Rs. 3050.

Pretty affordable. What do you think?

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New Boxers will protect a man’s sperm from Smartphone and WiFi radiation damage
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