SoundBot launched Bluetooth Speakers

Soundbot launched a new Bluetooth speaker with the Model Number SB517. The USP of this device is it’s water resistance of Military Grade IPX level 7. The speaker has been launched in India via Amazon at a price of Rs. 1290 only. Speaking of the colors, it is available in Black and White.

Being a military grade speaker, it is equipped with the latest technology to stream non-stop music for (up to) 6 hours,90db range, hand-free talking with built-in mic and a coverage of 10meters. The speakers come with built-in subwoofers for a better bass output.
The speakers are also expected to come with great sound quality as it has an amazing range, detachable suction cups and seamless connectivity to any device.

SoundBot launched Bluetooth Speaker SB517 at Rs. 1290
Image Credit: Gizbot

Being a Bluetooth speaker users myself, they only major drawback that I face with my device is connectivity. Once it is connected to my phone, it’s quite tough to it to my laptop (and vice versa).

Gone by the specifications of this Bluetooth speakers, it’s evident it is born for rough usage. You can be quite assured to take it to your camping sites and expose it to rough handling. However, you might want to rethink carrying this loudspeaker to a jungle for camping.

Mr. Howard, Director of Soundbot said, ”The SB517, is a great device for the music addict, who can now satiate their music appetite even in tough weather conditions and rugged terrain, without any worries because of the military grade quality. The pricing of our product is planned to suit market demand and pocket size. Overall, we saw a massive demand for portable speakers in India, especially with smartphones being the most popular screen today. ”

Are you planning on getting this one or upgrading from your previous Bluetooth speaker? Let me know in the comments below.

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News Source: Gizbot
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SoundBot launched Bluetooth Speaker SB517 at Rs. 1290
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